All the news that’s fit for you (III)

12 11 2009

The following is from the foreword of Waiting on a Train: The Embattled Future of Passenger Rail Service by James McCommons:Rebuilding the nation’s passenger railroad has got to be put at the top of our priority list. We had a system not so long ago that was the envy of the world; now we have service that the Bulgarians would be ashamed of. The tracks are still lying out there rusting in the rain, waiting to be fixed. The job doesn’t require the reinvention of anything — we already know how to do it. Rebuilding the system would put scores of thousands of people to work at meaningful jobs at all levels. The fact that we’re barely talking about it shows what an unserious people we have become. Rebuilding the American passenger-railroad system has an additional urgent objective: We need a doable project that can build our confidence and sense of collective purpose in facing all the other extraordinary challenges posed by the long emergency — especially rebuilding local networks of commerce and relocalizing agriculture”

“What does Buffett’s purchase (of Burlington Northern Santa Fe) mean for the nation’s energy future? (He said) his decision was “a bet on the country” as well as a bet on the viability of cleaner transportation…Buffett’s interest in the transport sector could be a harbinger of greater private-sector involvement to come — thus bolstering Democratic lawmakers as they make the case for more transit, bridge, and road repair money to hasten the nation’s economic recovery”:

“If Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has his way, Los Angeles County is about to embark on a commuter rail building boom the likes of which the region has never seen. On Friday, the mayor will unveil an ambitious but politically risky transportation plan that fast-tracks several high-profile rail projects to be completed within the next decade… “Yes this is a stretch-goal, yes this is going to be tough, but I think by now folks shouldn’t count me out,” Villaraigosa (said.) “The fact is that this is the most important thing that we can do to alleviate congestion and gridlock, to improve the quality of our air and to really vindicate the people’s will for the need to address transportation.” The mayor scored a big victory last year when voters approved a sales tax measure to help fund the projects, which include a subway to the Westside, the extension of the Gold Line in the San Gabriel Valley, the extension of the Expo Line to Santa Monica and new rail lines down Crenshaw Boulevard and through downtown LA”:

“This research suggests that creating a more diverse and efficient transport system may be among the most cost-effective ways to improve public health, and improving public health is one of the largest benefits of improving alternative modes (walking, cycling and public transit), encouraging more efficient travel patterns, and creating more accessible, multi-modal communities… The US has the highest per capita traffic fatality rate among peer countries… data indicate that obesity rates are inversely related to use of alternative modes…Public transit reduces pollution emissions per passenger-mile, and transit-oriented development provides additional emission reductions by reducing per capita vehicle travel”:

“Health Impact Assessment (HIA) measures potential health effects that a project or policy—such as a housing development or traffic ordinance—might have on a population. Ideally, such assessments, which can vary widely in scope from quick to extensive, are performed before a project is built or a policy is implemented, allowing decision makers to incorporate recommendations that would minimize negative health effects”:

Major real estate report: shift to urban living is “fundamental,” outer suburbs may “lack staying power”:



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16 03 2010
kiran Jani

At Ahmedabad laldlapir crossing an over bridge is under construction, the proposed bridge was on another road which was wider of more than 90 feets but local MLA Mr. Bharat Barot made a thoroughly incorrect and misleading representation to transfer the same on another road with an excuse that the road is of 100 feets( is evident from letter dated 25.09.06) but in fact the road has got uneven width from 34 feets to 68 feets and yet Municipal Corporation Particularly Mr.I.P.Gautam Municipal Commissioner is not doing anything to implement the project of widening the road, though all residents made a telegram dated 4th May,2007 again on 11th May,2007 to implement the road widening project also a request letter dated 4th May,2007. Why no actions are being taken?

16 03 2010

We have no idea.

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