Bastrop County wildfire

5 09 2011

As I’m sitting here watching through the window this wildfire unfolding great billows of smoke about 12 miles away from where I’m amidst both living and typing this now,

I find myself once again thinking how what effects the region effects downtown and what effects downtown effects the region.

And how we as a society can no longer continue to grow this way:

For the past coupla years I’ve been covering stuff for The Elgin Courier. Right now I’m feeling neglectfully remiss about not posting those articles forthwith on this site. So accordingly I’ll be remedying that by posting them momentarily. Although they may not be timely,  per se, they may be timeless, and at the very least they may serve to bring one up to speed with a more regional perspective.

But I’ll get a bit ahead of myself because, in fact, where today’s wildfire is occurring now is sorta kinda near where there is an annexation/ETJ issue between the cities of Bastrop and Elgin, which is proving to be most interesting.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must be getting back to nervewracking over whether the wind’s gonna shift while hoping that it don’t.

Hortensia’s still chill though



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