M.I.A No More

15 07 2010

We here at The Placemaking Institute recently received word from Our Most Senior Fellow (accompanied by the muffled tinklings of what’s sure to be a very important cocktail party) and all together exclaimed: “Sir! Where have you been?!”

While he’s not only been missing in cyber-action of late, his office’s surfaces have only been collecting dust, and while we’ve been scrambling around, picking up his quite prodigious slack, “As you should be well aware of by now I’m always a very busy man but of late I’ve been a very VERY busy man,” he barks, “That damned TxDOT, that damned Wear, they are at it again, igniting my ire and fanning my flames, cutting short my Cincinnatus-esque sabbatical and forcing my return. Soon more impends from me,” warns he, “So stay tuned!”

“Yes sir!”

“Listen. You know where you have to go to find good workers these days?”

As one we think before tentatively venturing forth: “The Home Depot, sir?”

“Bosh! The cemetary!”

Confused, “The cemetary?” amongst each other we glance.

“Yeah! You have to dig ’em up! Now get back to work! Chop-chop!”

After Our Most Senior Fellow slams down the phone at once all of us giggle: “And gird thyself for his anti-Cincinnatus-esque grandiosity” – Which is, you can be sure, exactly what we’ll be doing, too.

Please, bear with me…

24 10 2009

…as I continue figuring things out…

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